Analog Control Module

Options For Analog Inputs And Outputs, Temperature Sensor Inputs, And Temperature Control. FX3 Series Analog Intelligent Function Modules Can Also Be Connected.

Analog Input Devices (A/D Conversion)

  • FX5U CPU Module
  • FX5-4AD-ADP
  • FX5-4AD
  • FX5-8AD
  • FX3U-4AD

Analog Output Devices (D/A Conversion)

  • FX5U CPU Module
  • FX5-4DA-ADP
  • FX5-4DA
  • FX3U-4DA     

Analog Input/output Devices

  • FX5-4A-ADP

Input Device For Temperature Sensor

  • FX5-4AD-PT-ADP
  • FX5-4AD-TC-ADP
  • FX5-8AD
  • FX5-4LC
  • FX3U-4LC
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