CPU Module

All-in-one Power Supply, CPU, And I/O Main Unit. Built-in Features Include High-speed Counters, Positioning Outputs, Ethernet, And SD Card Slot.

FX5U CPU Module

FX5U Is Equipped With Analog Functions, Communication And High-speed I/O, And Can Easily Be Expanded With Expansion Boards And Adapters.
The High-speed System Bus Communication Brings Out The Maximum Performance Of Expansion Devices Equipped With Intelligent Functions.

FX5UC CPU Module

The Expansion Module Compatible With FX5UC Is Compact And Easy-to-use, And Helps To Downsize Your System.
Easily Connect To The FX5 And FX3 Expansion Modules With The Variety Of Conversion Modules Available.

FX5UJ CPU Module

FX5UJ Has An SD Memory Card Slot, Built-in USB (Mini-B) Connector, And Built-in Ethernet Port As A Standard.
In Addition, Built-in Functions Such As Positioning And Highspeed Counters Are Included To Condense Various Functions And Ease Of Use.

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