V808N Series

V808iSDN/V808SDN / V808iCDN/V808CDN


Dimensions And Part Names

  V808xSDN V808xCDN
Power Supply Rated Voltage 24V DC
Permissible Range Of Voltage 24V DC±10%
Permissible Momentary Power Failure Within 1ms
Demand (maximum Rating) 23W Or Less 20W Or Less
Inrush Current 20A, 2ms 20A, 1ms
Insulation Resistance   500V DC, 10MΩ Or More
Physical Environment Operation Ambient Temperature 0°C ? +50°C
Storage Ambient Temperature -10°C ? +60°C
Operation Ambient Humidity 85%RH Or Less (without Dew Condensation, Max. Wet Bulb Temperature: 39 Or Lower) *1
Resistance To Solvent No Attachment Of Cutting Oil Or Organic Solvent
Atmosphere Not Exposed To Corrosive Gas Or Conductive Dust
Operation Altitude 2,000 Meter Or Lower
Contamination Level *2 Level 2
Mechanical Resistance To Oscillation Vibration Frequency: 10?150Hz, Acceleration: 9.8m/s 2(1.0G) Pulsating Width: 0.075mm, X,Y,Z: 3 Directions 1 Hour Each Way
Resistance To Shock Pulse Shape: Half-sine, Peak Acceleration: 147m/s 2(15G), X,Y,Z: 3 Directions, Six Times Each Way
Electric Noise Proof 1500Vp-p (pulse Width 1 S, Pulse Rise Time : 1ns)
Static Discharge Complies With IEC61000-4-2, Contact: 6kV, Air: 8kV
Installation Conditions Grounding Grounding Resistance : Less Than 100Ω , FG/SG Separation
Structure Protect Structure: Front Panel: Compatible With IP65 (when Water-proof Gasket Is Used.)
Rear Cover: Compatible With IP20
Form: Single Unit
Installation Method: Panel Mounting
Cooling System Natural Air Cooling
Weight Approx.1.5kg
Dimensions W×H×D(mm) 233.0×178.0×65.8
Panel Cutout (mm) 220.5×165.5 (+0.5/-0)
Case Color   Gray
Material   PC/ABS

Performance Specifications

  V808iSDN V808SDN V808iCDN V808CDN
Display Specifications Screen Memory 12.5MB 4.5MB
Display Device TFT Color LCD
Resolution W:H(dots) 800×600 640×480
Display Size 8.4 Inches
Colors 65,536 Colors (without Blinks)/ 32,768 Colors (with Blinks)
Backlight LED
Backlight Auto OFF Lit In Normal (Set By The User)
Power Lamp Lit In Normal Condition, Blinks In Alarm Condition Such As Blowout Of Backlight Bulbs
Contrast Adjustment Fixed
Brilliance Control 3 Levels (Adjusted To 128 Steps By Macro Command)
Number Of Characters 1/4 Size 100 Columns × 75 Lines 80 Columns × 60 Lines
1-byte 100 Columns × 37 Lines 80 Columns × 30 Lines
2-byte 50 Columns × 37 Lines 40 Columns × 30 Lines
Enlargement Of Characters   X: 1?8 Times Y: 1?8 Times
Touch Switch Switch Resolution Analog: 1,024×1,024
Mechanical Life 1 Million Times Or More
Surface Treatment Hard Coating, Non Glare Finish 5%
Function Switch Number Of Function Switches 8 Switches
External Interface D-Sub 9 Pin (CN1) RS-232C, RS-422/485, Asynchronous Type,
Data Length : 7,8 Bits,
Parity : Even, Odd, None, Stop Bit : 1,2 Bits,
Baud Rate : 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200, 187500 *3bps
Modular 8 Pin (MJ1/ MJ2) RS-232C, RS-422/485 (two-wire System), Asynchronous Type, Data Length : 7,8 Bits,
Parity : Even, Odd, None, Stop Bit : 1,2 Bits,
Baud Rate : 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200bps
CF Card Interface Compatible With CompactFlash TM
Ethernet Complies With IEEE802.3
Baud Rate: 10Mbps, 100Mbps Cable: 100Ω Unsealed Twist Pair, Category 5, Max Length: 100m
USB Type A, Type B (Ver1.1)
Clock & Back Up Memory Battery Coin-type Lithium Primary Battery
Back Up Memory(SRAM) 512KB 128KB
Back Up Period 5 Years (Ambient Temperature 25°C)
Calendar Accuracy Gap±90 Sec. Per Month (Ambient Temperature 25°C)


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