V9071iW Series

V9071iWRLD / V9071iWLD


Dimensions And Part Names

Power Supply Rated Voltage 24V DC
Permissible Range Of Voltage DC: ±10%
Permissible Momentary Power Failure DC Within 1ms
Demand (maximum Rating) DC: 22W Or Less
Insulation Resistance   DC500V 10MΩ Or More
Physical Environment Ambient Temperature 0?50? *1
Ambient Humidity 85%RH Or Less (without Dew Condensation) *1
Operation Altitude 2,000 Meters Or Lower
Atmosphere Not To Be Exposed To Corrosive Gas, Or Conductive Dust
Storage Temperature -10?60? *1
Storage Humidity 85%RH Or Less (without Dew Condensation) *1
Overvoltage Category Category II
Pollution Degree Pollution Degree 2
Mechanical Operating Conditions Resistance To Oscillation Complies With JIS B 3502 (IEC61131-2) Vibration Frequency: 5~9Hz, Pulsating With:3.5mm,
9~150Hz, Acceleration: 9.8m/s2(1G),X,Y,Z: 3 Directions (10 Times Each)
Resistance To Shock Complies With JIS B 3502 (IEC61131-2) Peak Acceleration: 147m/s2(15G), X,Y,Z:
3 Directions, Three Times Each (18 Times In Total)
Electric Operating Conditions Resistance To Noise Noise Voltage: 1,000Vp-p, Pulse Width: 1μs, Pulse Rise Time: 1ns
Resistance To Static Discharge Complies With IEC61000-4-2, Contact: 6kV, Air: 8kV
Installation Conditions Grounding Grounding Resistance: Less Than 100Ω, FG/SG Separation
Structure Front Panel:Complies With IP66, Type 4X/13 (when Waterproof Gasket Is Installed)
Rear Cover:Complies With IP20
Form: Single Unit, Installation Method: Panel Mounting
Cooling System Natural Air Cooling
Dimensions W*H*D(mm) 201.6×147.6×60.3
Panel Cutout (mm) 187.2×133.4?+0.5/-0?
Case Color   Light Gray
Material   PC

Performance Specifications

Screen Memory (FROM)   64MB
Backup Memory (SRAM)   800KB
Display Display Device TFT Color LCD
Resolution 800×480
Display Size 7″wide
Colors 16.7 Million *2
Backlight LED
Backlight Life 100,000 Hours
Touch Switch Type Capacitance
External Interface D-Sub 9-pin (CN1)*3 RS-232C, RS-485(two-wire System), RS-422(four-wire System), Asynchronous Type,
Data Length: 7,8 Bits, Parity: Even, Odd, None,
Stop Bit: 1, 2 Bits, Baud Rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200 Bps
Modular 8-pin
RS-232C, RS-485(two-wire System), RS-422(four-wire System)*4 , Asynchronous Type,
Data Length: 7,8 Bits, Parity: Even, Odd, None, Stop Bit: 1, 2 Bits, Baud Rate: 4800, 9600,
19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200, 187500*5 Bps
SD Card One Card Slot Provided As Standard
Ethernet 2ch,
Baud Rate: 100Mbps,
Wireless LAN*6 Complies With IEEE802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz)
USB Type A,Type Mini-B(Ver.2.0)
Sound Output -
Clock Backup Period 5 Years (Ambient Temperature 25°C)
Calendar Accuracy Gap ±90 Sec. Per Month (Ambient Temperature 25°C, When Power Is Not Supplied)
Standard CE Marking EN61000-6-2,EN61000-6-4,EN50581
UL?cUL UL61010-1?UL61010-2-201?7
KC Compliant
Radio Act*6 Japan:TELEC
Canada:IC RSS
South Korea:KC
Classification Standard   -
  1. Use At A Wet-bulb Temperature Of 39°C Or Less Because Higher Temperatures May Cause Failure.
  2. For Displaying Pictures, 3D Parts,video, And RGB Input (excluding High-speed Mode) Only. Other Parts Are Displayed In 65,536 Colors.
  3. Optional Unit(DUR-00) Is Required For The V9071iW And V9060iTD.
  4. 187,500 Bps (four-wire System) For The V9071iW And V9060iTD MJ2 Only.
  5. Only For Siemens MPI (Incompatible With DUR-00).
  6. Wireless LAN-compatible Products Only.
  7. Only For Hardware Ver. F Or Later. Applicable Standard For Hardware Ver. A To E Is UL 508.



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