Drives Can Also Be Utilized To Convert Energy From Natural And Renewable Resources Like The Sun, Wind Or Tides, And Transmit It To The Electrical Network Or Use It For Local Consumption. In Hybrid Technologies, AC Drives Are Used To Combine Conventional Energy Sources And Energy Storages To Create Total Energy Management Solutions.

AC Drives Are Also Known By Various Other Names Such As Adjustable Speed Drives, Adjustable Frequency Drives, Variable Frequency Drives, Variable Speed Drives, Frequency Converters, Inverters And Power Converters.

An AC Drive Is A Device Used To Control The Speed Of An Electrical Motor In Order To:

  • enhance Process Control
  • reduce Energy Usage And Generate Energy Efficiently
  • decrease Mechanical Stress On Motor Control Applications
  • optimize The Operation Of Various Applications Relying On Electric Motors

VLT Micro Drives

The VLT® Micro Drive Is A General Purpose Drive That Can Control AC Motors Up To 22.0 KW. It Is A Small Drive With Maximum Strength And Reliability.

  • 1Phase 200-240VAC, 0.18-2.2KW.
  • 3 Phase 200-240 VAC, 0.25-3.7KW.
  • 3 Phase 380-480VAC, 0.37-22KW.
  • 50°C Ambient Temperature
  • In Built Smart Logic Controller
  • Automatic Energy Optimisation (AEO)
  • Field-bus Communication

VLT FC 300 Series


  • Available Up To 1400 KW.
  • 0.25-3.7 KW 200-240V And 0.37-7.5 JW 380-500V, 550-600V
  • Built-in DC Coils And RFI-Filter (Optional)
  • Book Style IP 20/IP 21/NEMA 1/IP 55/ NEMA 12
  • Integrated Smart Logic Controller, USB And RS485) As Standard
  • Integrated Optional Communication Options (Profibus DP/VI, DEVICENET, CANOPEN And More)
  • Integrated Optional Additional I/O (digital I/O’s Encoders, Incremental, Absolute Sin/cos Resolver)
  • Integrated PLC Option According To ITC 61 16 1-3

VLT Soft Starter MCD 500

The MCD 500 Is A Total Motor Starting Solution Providing All The Best In Soft Starter Functionality. It Offers High End Functionality For Starting, Stopping Or Protection Of Motor Or Application.

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